Facilities: Maximization of Resources

Banyan Strategics is a strategic services firm that serves charter schools seeking high performance academic outcomes.

Land and Real Estate

Banyan works on behalf of school boards and in conjunction with municipal leaders and real estate professionals to identify and acquire land that is ideal for the community feeling that all Banyan schools exude.

Buildings and Physical Facilities

Banyan works with engineers, architects, and craftsmen to design and build schools that are beautiful, safe, and conducive to a learning and community environment. Campuses are built in phases based upon enrollment and financial projections by the school board. As the school grows, the buildings and infrastructure are phased in to accept the new students.

Furnishings and Information Technology

Banyan Strategics works with IT professionals to maximize the school’s limited budgets to bring the latest IT hardware and software to the schools to provide superior teaching and learning environment.

Banyan works with school boards and vendors to select, purchase, and install the school’s furnishings.

Continuing Support

Banyan Strategics provides onsite staffing of nonacademic services. Bayan employs competent professionals that have demonstrated solid leadership culture in their careers. These positions typically include the Business Manager who oversees the day-to-day financial operations of the school as well as the front office management staff including the Office Manager, the Registrar, and the Receptionist.

A crucial role in maintaining top-level facilities rests with the Custodial staff and the maintenance services that are overseen by Banyan management.

These individuals are integrated into the school leadership body to form a seamless partnership with the educational team and the board of directors. The onsite staff’s main focus is to free up the administration’s time from the humdrum of non-academic concerns and allow them to be the master teachers of the school.