Banyan Services

Banyan Strategics provides a strategic approach to starting and running high performing community K-12 schools.

The Banyan Tree 1Based upon the strategic services agreement, we can turn an existing building into a leadership school or break ground to build a brand new building from the ground up. Our unique collaboration model makes it easier with a proven system from beginning to end. We assist the board in developing leadership schools that inspire, engage and empower their local communities.

Community School Establishment

  • Facility Acquisition
  • Charter Applications
  • Feasibility Studies

Marketing, Enrollment and Community Affairs

  • Develop Community Strategy
  • Provide Marketing Plans and assistance in implementation
  • Assist in Strategy for School and Recruitment
  • Assist in School Community Relations
  • Assist in Media Relations
  • Assist in Application and Lottery Management
  • Assist in Registration Management

Administrative Support

  • Ensure ongoing training and evaluation reporting to board
  • Ongoing Consultation of General School Affairs
  • Develop Start-Up Action Plan
  • School Resource Management
    • Books
    • Furniture/Fixtures
    • Media Center
    • Material Purchasing
    • As Needed Services

Governing Board Relations

  • Training (Non-Profit, Organizational)
  • Executive Committee Support
  • 501(c)(3) Support
  • Assist in state, local, and school board compliance
  • Assist in creation of Board Member Binders

Financial Management

  • Establish/Manage Financial Systems
  • Payroll
  • Insurance/Benefits/TSA’s
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • State Mandated Financial Reporting
  • Budget Support and Analysis
  • Support during Annual Audits

Student Services

  • Facility Oversight / Coordination
  • School Technology, Media Coordination
  • Front Office Management (Power School; compliance and reporting)
  • Maintain Student Business Records
  • Application and Admissions Process
  • Student registration/Master Schedule Assistance
  • Food Services Accounting Support (incidental lunches)
  • Transportation (Activity/ Field Trips)
  • Before and After School Learning Programs
  • Enrichment classes for students during Teacher Development time
  • Preschool set up and management


  • Installation of technology integral to the school design
  • LAN/WAN installation
  • Purchasing
  • Design and development of technology labs
  • Remote access and software integration

Business Strategic Affairs

  • Assist to Develop/Manage the General Operating Plan with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Develop/Manage General Operating Policies
  • Assist Administration in Academic Policies


  • Assist in the selection/acquisition of instructional materials

Banyan services will be performed on a “Reasonable Effort Basis” per Strategic Services Agreement.