Banyan Partner Schools

Schools we currently serve.

Legacy Leadership Academy

Legacy Leadership Academy is a Huntersville, NC Independent, private school serving students in grades K-5, with plans to grow through grade 12.

Through self-discovery and trusting relationships, students will learn their strengths, develop character while gaining a broad academic foundation. With this foundation, students will interact in ways that authentically promote synergy and servant leadership.

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Voyager Academy

Voyager Academy is an elementary, middle, and high school in the northern part of Durham, North Carolina, United States and is located in Independence Park. Current enrollment is approximately 1350 students across grades K-12.

Voyager Academy

Wayne Preparatory Academy

Wayne Preparatory Academy is driven to achieve a vibrant learning community that goes beyond event and test driven learning.  Our academic community of board, faculty, staff, scholars, and parents will serve as committed stakeholders in providing opportunities for excellence in leadership, academics, and scholarship.

Wayne Preparatory  School

St. Cloud Preparatory Academy

St. Cloud Preparatory Academy (St. Cloud Prep) is a tuition-free Florida public charter school serving students in grades K-8 (with plans to grow through grade 12).

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