Enrichment Programs

After School Learning Programs (ASLP)

Our After School Learning Programs provide a safe and engaging environment for students in our Charter Schools. The programs are a continuation of the academic day, incorporating homework, physical activity, and leadership skills.

Each day there is an enrichment lesson focus. Some of these include:

  • Art
  • Guest Speakers/Local Leaders
  • Hands-on Science and Math
  • Technology
  • Leadership

Students Active in Learning (SAIL)

During Teacher Development, each of our schools offer a unique enrichment program that allows children to participate in activities that would typically be held outside of school. This is a welcome benefit to the parents, allowing families to keep their evenings free and family focused.

Vendors from local businesses and those self employed come to the school to provide their enrichment classes. Several options are provided for students to enrich their strengths.

They will be given training information regarding Covey’s 7 Habits and expected to use their time as an extension of students’ Leader in Me training. This provides students with a tangible, real life opportunity to use their leadership skills in programs that integrate the culture of Leader in Me. Students have an opportunity to self-assess how they implemented the Habits during SAIL. This will further encourage an extension of the Leader in Me into the homes of the students, as surveys will be completed with their parents